Video Review: Straight Talk’s New Android LG Optimus Black

by John on March 16, 2013

Update – There are some new android phones available from Straight Talk Wireless.  BlackBerry Curve (not an android) is available too.  See everything that ST has to offer at

straight talk android phone prepadi

After some hoopla about maybe releasing the LG Optimus 2X, which was a topic of great excitement for a few weeks, Straight Talk almost overnight released the LG Optimus Black.  The Black is a very thin, sleek phone with two cameras and a really nice, bright, and crisp touch screen.  The phone runs on Straight Talk’s vaunted Unlimited prepaid plan (unlimited talk, web, text, email, and 411).  It’s available right now with free shipping.  Learn all about LG Optimus Black at

This is a hot phone and definitely the top of the line model in the Straight Talk brand. Get this phone today and get a free $20 gift certificate as a special bonus while supplies last. See this deal on the official website.

Buy any Straight Talk phone and get FREE Shipping!

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is another recently released Android phone to hit Straight Talk’s website. This phone actually runs on the Verizon network so you have good coverage in Verizon tower areas with the Proclaim.  There is even a third recent phone.  This one is called the ZTE Merit.  It’s a little less expensive than the Optimus Black and the Galaxy Precedent, clocking in at $129.99 for the phone.  Like the other two phones mentioned here (and indeed all the Android phones on Straight Talk), ZTE Merit runs on the Unlimited prepaid plan.  See all phones available in your area at

There’s another hot new smartphone at Straight Talk and another couple of deals.  The new phone is the LG Optimus Zip ($179.99, Verizon network, Android).  The deals are for Nokia E5 (reconditioned, only $25 now) and Samsung Precedent (Android, $69.99, reconditioned).  See all current phones including the new Androids and smartphones at

straight talk android samsung precedentSamsung Galaxy Precedent is another Android phone currently available online at a low price for a used phone.  At $69.99, you can’t really get much cheaper for this decent smartphone offering from Tracfone Straight Talk.

Motorola Defy XT is one of the newest phones from ST — see if it’s available in your zip code at  It’s a super solid phone that’s available right now.  Check it out at the site — and while you’re there, have a look at all of the other brand new Android smartphones that run on this prepaid plan.  There are a bunch of them.  All of them have their strengths.

I also really like the brand new Samsung Galaxy S2, which was one of the best phones of last year. And yes, it sometimes takes that long for these phones to get over to the prepaid side of things. But this is a super nice phone that you may really enjoy. It costs a little bit more than some of the other Straight Talk phones, but you will see where the money went and will never feel like a schlub pulling this phone out of your pocket. It looks like a contract phone. It’s awesome. Check it out.

straight talk galaxy s2

See all of the current phone deals, promotions, and offers available from Straight Talk Wireless at the official website. Go straight to the savings by clicking here.

Read about brand new Straight Talk phone Samsung Galaxy S2 here.

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