TrapCall Lets You Block Calls on Your Cell Phone

by John on November 3, 2014

There have been a lot of times when I’ve been standing with someone who gets a call on their cell phone from a blocked number.  I have never met one person who enjoys this experience, but it seems like more and more people are becoming afflicted by this problem, which I find to be totally invasive and obnoxious.  Before TrapCall was created, it was almost impossible to unmask or unblock these unsolicited calls from blocked numbers.  But now it’s not only easy to unmask calls (which means to actually see the number that is calling), you can also find other information about the company or person calling you, like their name or address, using TrapCall’s service.

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TrapCall Is Like a Spam Filter for Your Cell Phone - Unmask Blocked Calls

TrapCall call blocker makes is extremely easy to block unwanted phone calls.  This is a timely service, since these days a lot of people only have a cell phone and no land line, which means that more companies are trying to bother you on your cell phone by buying your number from companies that collect your information to make a profit from it.  This is often how you name and phone number get on a telemarketer’s call list.  It really stinks, but this is the way of the world.  It is exactly this kind of situation that was designed to prevent and fight.  There are different tiers to the trapcall phone service, so if you need this kind of protection and freedom from annoyance, you have several different plans to choose from.

TrapCall’s Three Plan Levels

There are three plans that are priced according to what you get from the service.  The first is called Bug Trap and at a price of just under $5, you get caller ID unmasking and you can blacklist unwanted callers.  It’s the most basic plan.  Bear Trap is the most comprehensive plan, at $24.95, and gives users other additional options like missed call alerts, name and address caller ID, and recording incoming calls (a feature that can really come in handy).

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