Straight Talk’s New Android Phone Out Now: Samsung Precedent

by John on June 7, 2013

samsung-galaxy-s3Get the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 from Straight Talk today.  This is probably the best phone in the prepaid business.  Get it at

Right now you can get a brand new Samsung Precedent Android for $69.99 at (not a bad deal if you don’t mind a used phone and definitely want an unlimited plan with an android smartphone).  As an added bonus you also get a $20 gift certificate and free shipping!  How about that for a holiday deal?

There’s an even newer crop of Android phones out on the Straight Talk Unlimited plan now.  See the LG Optimus Black, the best ST phone yet, and the Samsung Proclaim, the first Straight Talk Android phone at

The image above is the lg Optimus Black Android phone.  Click the image to learn more about this phone or go directly to

Samsung Galaxy Precedent is now available from Straight Talk’s website for $129, but the more exciting development is the release of the LG Optimus Black Android phone (see the picture below).  It’s the best phone released by Straight Talk as of yet.  Get this phone at

The new Straight Talk Android phone has been released and is now available online at Straight Talk’s website.  The Samsung Galaxy Precedent runs on Android 2.2 and is the first Android phone for Straight Talk.  A few other prepaid companies already have android handsets available with their prepaid plans, but this is the first to be paired with Straight Talk’s Unlimited plan.  It’s a very nice phone–read on below for the specs.

samsung precedent straight talk android

Samsung Galaxy Precedent Specs:

Powered by Android 2.2

Gorgeous 3.2″ Touch Screen

Bluetooth Enabled (so you can talk safely in your car and stream music)

GPS Enabled

Unlimited Talk, Text

Unlimited Web

Unlimited 411 calls

Instant Messaging

Buy this phone online at

straight talk android phone prepadiSamsung Galaxy Proclaim is another recently released android smartphone that utilizes Straight Talk’s unlimited plan.  Have a closer look at this phone online at the official website.  The phone costs $179.  Another new Android release from ST is the ZTE Merit, which at $129, is a rather low priced low level Android phone that will be a perfect fit for some people.  See all the current Android deals at

LG Optimus Black is yet another prepaid Android phone to come out under the ST label.  This phone may just be the best phone that company has offered up to this point.  See what makes this phone tick and see if it’s the best one for you to use with Straight Talk’s Unlimited prepaid plan at the official website.

Another recent new Android phone is the Huawei Ascend II–which is a pretty cool phone that only costs $99–plus it runs with the unlimited prepaid plan.  My favorite phone from Tracfone Straight Talk is still the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, but when there is such a good deal running on this phone, I can’t look away.  I like deals and I like saving money!  Samsung Galaxy SIII is also out now which is super cool because it’s a great phone.

Samsung Precedent is on a pretty good offer right now — get it used for $29.99 today at the official Straight Talk site.  There are several other really good offers running over there for a short time.  Pretty rad deals going on for some of the older smartphones like Nokia E71 and Nokia E5 — I like these dinosaurs of phones.  They’re still fun and are great for prepaid.

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Chloe Stapp January 7, 2012 at 12:48 pm

I have a straighttalk touch screen phone. I bought it at Walmart in Joplin, MO on black Friday. As of now my send key is working as my menu pop up and my end key is now my back button. I heard that you all can replace phones because one of my coworkers had the same issue almost. How do I go about doing that and I am kinda upset about the issue. I didnt have the phone for very long but yet its already messing up.

John January 9, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Chloe – For this issue, you need to get in touch with Straight Talk customer service. You can find more information at the official website. If you bought it at walmart, you might also want to talk to their customer service department and see if they can help you. They may give you the runaround. I have also heard that getting in touch with Straight Talk via their facebook page can be useful. In fact, I would try that first. I will look around and see if I can find other advice for you.

Get in touch with Straight Talk and let me know what you find out.

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