Straight Talk’s New Android LG Optimus Quest

by John on March 25, 2013


Straight Talk just released the LG Optimus Quest android phone and it really sort of looks like more of the same.  Read an overview of the phone here.  I actually kind of like the phone and I think it’s priced right (although maybe $129 would have been a slightly better price).  I also like the look of the phone and the simplicity of it and the solid design.  But still, I just don’t think this phone brings anything new to Straight Talk, especially since it’s still running Android 2.3!  Can we get an upgrade please.  What happened to the LG Optimus Extreme that was running android 4.0?!  Why is that phone now off the site?

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LG Optimus Quest vs Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

The only real bone I have to pick with Straight Talk Wireless over this phone is why would I select the LG Optimus Quest over the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, which is such a nice little phone at the same price point of $149, and that runs on Verizon’s nationwide plan?!  I would totally take Proclaim or Optimus  Zip for $30 more in a heartbeat.  Not that the Quest is a terrible phone — quite the contrary — I just don’t think it brings anything new to the table.  It’s still a pretty good deal on a solid android device for ST Wireless.  I don’t mean to discount it.

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