Straight Talk vs Net10 Android Phones

by John on November 4, 2011

If you have already taken a look at the two phones offered by each of the prepaid wireless providers, Straight Talk and Net10, then you may not be surprised to know that they are quite similar in style and model.  In fact, in one case, Net10 and Straight Talk share almost the exact same model of phone.  Straight Talk was first to release an Android prepaid phone, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, which is a very nice phone with a great touch screen for the price especially.  It is available with the unlimited plan from TracFone Straight Talk.  Yes, both of these companies, Net10 and Straight Talk, are owned by TracFone, the leading prepaid provider in the United States.  The Net10 Android phones are quite impressive, as are the offerings from ST.

Straight Talk Android Phones

The first phone released was the Straight Talk Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent.  Galaxy family phones seem to pop up quite a bit with prepaid plan or at least have been lately.  Straight Talk’s Precedent started things off on a good for and for about $150, you could have a decent android phone with a very solid prepaid plan that even runs on the Verizon network in some parts of the country (always a nice addition to a phone plan).  The second phone released by this company is the LG Optimus Q, which is actually a phone that pops up as one of the Net10 Android smart phones.  It’s a solid looking phone and if you are a fan of the LG Optimus line (another family of phones well-represented in the prepaid world), then you might prefer this phone to the Samsung Precedent.

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straight talk android phone prepadi

Net10 Android Unlimited Plan

The Net10 Android Unlimited plan costs $50 per month and gives users unlimited talk, text, and web access with their android phone.  The LG Optimus Q and the LG Optimus Net are the two phones available from Net10 right now if you want an android model.  This plan is a little bit more expensive than the Straight Talk one, but the plus side is that you don’t have to use it with the unlimited plan if you don’t want to.  You can choose to pay for fewer minutes, which is another way to save with Net10’s Android phone lineup.  It’s a good thing to consider.

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