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by John on January 29, 2013

Deal update – Right now, with your purchase of the LG Optimus Black Android phone you get a $20 gift certificate and free shipping.  Get this phone deal at

Here is your weekly dose of Straight Talk phone news.  Read it and save money on your next prepaid purchase.

straight talk android samsung precedentLG Optimus Black

Straight Talk just recently added a brand new and pretty darn nice Android phone that you can buy to use with the phenomenal prepaid unlimited plan.  The LG Optimus Black Android phone is the absolute best phone you can get from ST right now.  See it at the official website and have it shipped to you for free!  Visit

Samsung Proclaim – Verizon Phone

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is the latest release from Straight Talk.  This android phone is modestly priced and runs on the Verizon network.  Learn more.

Nokia E5 and Samsung Precedent Price Decrease

Both Nokia E5 and Samsung Precedent a smart phone and Android phone, respectively, have had recent price decreases.  Nokia E5 went down from right around $200 to $149.99, while Samsung Precedent Android went down to $129.99.  See both phones by clicking here!

Straight Talk Smartphones and Unlimited Plan

Straight Talk has some tip top smart phones that kill when paired to the unlimited ST plan.  You gotta love an all inclusive $45 unlimited plan (especially if you love to text, talk, and browse the web — oh yeah, everyone loves to to do all three of these things).

See all the current deals on smartphones over at

The two hottest phones right now are the Samsung Galaxy Precedent (pictured above) and the LG Optimus Q, both Android phones.  They are really picking up steam, and there is actually a third Android Straight Talk phone coming soon (LG Optimus Black Android has been released!).  We will be writing a review in a day or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  See both Android phones at the official website.  Below, you will find a list of some of the latest Straight Talk developments.  If you have any questions, need advice, or just want to chime in, please leave comments below.  The Optimus Black is probably the best phone available from Straight Talk and maybe one of the most desirable prepaid phones at its price especially when you factor in the monthly cost of the unlimited plan and see that overall, it’s a rather good deal.  I’ve read a lot of reviews lately by people who have searched far and wide for the best prepaid plan and have landed on Straight Talk.  See all the currently available phones online at the official site and see which one works best for you.  There are several android smart phones I think you will appreciate at the site.  ZTE Merit is the newest one and it only costs $129.  Samsung Proclaim is a hot little number that runs on Verizon.  Optimus Black is top dog, but you have to pay for it–still you get a $20 gift certificate and you will not feel bad pulling this phone out of your pocket even though it’s prepaid.

If you don’t feel like reading any more reviews and news, head on over to!!

Here is some of the latest Straight Talk smart phone news:

Straight Talk Smartphone Sales

Straight Talk’s New Android Phone

 ZTE Merit Released – Affordable Android

New Straight Talk phone release – the Huawei Ascend II is currently available at Straight Talk’s site for only $99 — this makes the Ascend the lowest priced android phone on Straight Talk.  See all current phones at the site.  There are some really good deals that may make even the most stalwart contract phone customer think about going the prepaid route.

Straight Talk also has some other interesting news.  Samsung Galaxy SII has been released — to much acclaim.  Check back at this site in the future when you’re looking for more phone deals.  We cover deals from all companies including Virgin, Boost, Sprint, Verizon, Tracfone, and Net10.

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