Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Review (Video)

by John on May 23, 2013

ZTE-Merit-straighttalkNew Straight Talk iPhone 5 Unveiled! Get the brand new and iconic smartphone iPhone 5 with Straight Talk’s unlimited talk, text, and web no contract $45 per month plan at

Straight Talk recently released its latest Android device.  It’s the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, which is very similar to Verizon’s Samsung Illusion android.  The phone is fast, it streams youtube videos, and it has a decent sized camera.  This phone is notable because it actually runs on Verizon’s network through the Straight Talk service, opening it up to thousands more customers across the country.  Paired with the $45 per month deal for unlimited talk, text, and web, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a really solid phone that loads data quickly and works great.  You can’t find a better deal in the prepaid world than this.  You can get data download speeds of 1000 mb per second on 3G, which is really good. The browser speed is Watch the Proclaim download netflix videos, stream youtube videos, and see how fast websites load on the in phone browser in this video review below.

Check for availability of this phone at


Here’s another shorter video review of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for Straight Talk. Both reviews show where this phone really shines.

Watch the software reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim in this video below. There is a lot of useful information for people who want to know just how well this phone functions in real life. It functions quite well. Watch below.

galaxy proclaim straight talk
This is what the Youtube interface looks like on the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. It is a really useful way to navigate the site and it’s easy to execute a search for the videos you’re looking for. They stream quite fast on Verizon’s 3G network. Overall, Straight Talk’s Proclaim provides a very good multimedia experience, whether you’re streaming Youtube or downloading Netflix videos. It’s actually a surprise to see how well this modestly priced prepaid Android runs.  Check availability in your area.

straight talk proclaim android unlimited
One of the newer phones now available from Straight Talk is the LG Optimus Zip — at $179.99, it’s not really that expensive in the grand scheme of things. This is the second Verizon powered phone to be released by ST in the past year or so. Compare it to Samsung Proclaim today at the official website,

There are at least three very nice Androids for you to choose from with this brand of prepaid no contract phone.  Keep in mind too that you can buy used phones from the official site too, so you can even save a bunch more money if you need to keep it really cheap.  This phone is one of the most popular current phones from this provider and for good reason.  It’s a good price, it’s a solid midlevel phone, and it has a nice unassuming look.  One more device to take a look at is Motorola Defy XT, a phone priced right at the same point as the Optimus Zip.  If you were to make a choice between these two phones, I would still have to go with the Samsung Proclaim.  It’s just such a sweet little phone with a ton to offer at a really good price.  There’s a reason Proclaim is the best selling Straight Talk phone.  It not only looks good, it performs well, and it has a really nice pricetag to boot.  I’m a big fan of this phone — in fact, I don’t know if you can do much better at this price with an unlimited plan.  Virgin Mobile is the only other company that really comes close with the HTC Evo 4G, which is definitely a phone you should take a look at  as well.  See all of the pertinent details on the Proclaim at

*New Straight Talk Deal — It looks like popular Android device LG Optimus Black has been lowered in price by about $30.  Yay!  I always feel like cheering out loud when a phone goes down in price because I’m a phone nerd.  I just like saving money on perfectly good phones that get marked down simply because they’ve been around for a few months and need to make room for younger phones.    Be sure to check back frequently to see what we are writing here in terms of the latest deals, promos, and offers from companies like Tracfone, Virgin, Boost, Metro, and Net 10.  We keep you in the know on prepaid phones.


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