Straight Talk Nokia E71 Reconditioned on Sale

by John on August 3, 2014

Nokia E5 is on sale for $9 with the unlimited prepaid Straight Talk plan.  See all details at

If you’ve been considering a smart phone to use on the Straight Talk Wireless plans, but haven’t yet made a move to buy, now might be a time to reconsider.  You can get a reconditioned Straight Talk Nokia E71 phone for only $99.  This phone works with the unlimited plan, which costs $45 per month.

See this deal at

nokia e71The E71 is one of the first smart phones the Straight Talk put in its phone lineup.  It is pretty popular and a lot of people are probably going to jump on this $99 deal for the refurbished E71.  But then again, Straight Talk has no shortage of available phone options.  In fact, two new Android phones were recently released.  The Samsung Precedent is the first one and the LG Optimus Q is the second one.  Both look like good prepaid Android options.  The Q has a slide-out keyboard while the Precedent only has the touch screen.  It’s just personal preference which of those features you like better.  There are some other differences but they are actually quite similar in terms of features.

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