Nokia Smart Phone Straight Talk Sale

by John on November 4, 2011

If you’re looking for a good phone to buy that’s on sale currently, then you might be interested to hear that the Straight Talk Nokia E71 is on sale for $99 with a Straight Talk prepaid plan.  This phone, which is a smart phone, is on sale because it is a reconditioned model.  The normal price of the phone is about one 75 dollars more, so this is a considerable savings.

Here’s Where This Phone Deal Makes Sense

If you need a temporary phone for a trip or you just need a phone to use as your basic phone, then the Nokia E71 for $99 and the Straight Talk unlimited plan for $45 could be just what you need.  It’s really a pretty good price for a phone that can do more than the super basic prepaid phones.  See this deal at Straight Talk’s official site as well as the other deals currently going on.  It won’t last forever so get on it!

See this deal at

Looking for an Android Prepaid Phone?

Are you looking for an android phone with a great prepaid plan?  Is that something you’re interested in?  See the new Android for Straight Talk and the Net10 new smart phones.

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