Is Straight Talk’s Touch Screen Phone Best Phone Out Right Now?

by John on February 16, 2013

huawei-ascend-ii-cstraighttalk-hands-onStraight Talk has two brand new Android phones that are rewriting the way prepaid phones should be.  LG Optimus Black has an epic screen and a very nice camera, in addition to a great sleek look.  Samsung Galaxy S2 is maybe the best phone to ever come to Straight Talk.  See both new phones and check for availability at  When you get to the site definitely have a look at the current deals section to see what current offers are on the table.  One of the current deals is for a $20 gift card with the purchase of the Motorola Defy XT Android phone.  Be quick though because these deals are only temporary!

Get the brand new LG Optimus Black Android phone with the famously inexpensive Straight Talk unlimited plan today online and get a $20 gift certificate with your order.  Optimus Black is a very solid Android phone with a ton to offer.  Not only can you download apps, and set up customizable widgets, and do all kinds of other things, you can also use unlimited talk, text, and web browsing.  This phone provides a lot of great features, not the least of which is its insanely bright screen (which makes it great for playing games like Angry Birds that you can download from the App marketplace) and a super slim style.  It’s a great phone.  Get it today at

The first Straight Talk phone to be released is the Android 2.2 touch screen phone named the Samsung Galaxy Precedent.  It’s the first true touch screen phone for this brand of prepaid phone.  It is also priced extremely well for having no contract associated with it.  The Precedent Android only costs $129 (a price that’s been marked down), in addition to what you pay for the unlimited plan.  Read more about Straight Talk’s Android touchscreen phone.

I just read a few articles online about the new Straight Talk touch screen phone available now.  They’re pretty much raving about this phone, saying that for the relatively meager price ($99), you can get a top flight phone and a great prepaid plan.  The focus is often on the fact that the Samsung t528g has a touchscreen and is app-friendly, meaning you can download apps to accentuate your phone in many different ways.  People are pretty excited about apps right now, so this is partly the reason this phone is being talked about a lot.

Straight Talk Samsung t528G

For the price and for what this phone is capable of and for the fact that it has an unlimited plan, the Straight Talk Samsung t528g is a very good deal.  $99 for a touchscreen phone with an unlimited plan and no contract is quite a deal.  But it may not be for everyone.  If you still require a little bit more of your phone, then you’re also in luck and the portfolio of phones from which you can choose has just expanded before your very eyes.  Read on below…

Nokia E5 Gains Attention for Straight Talk

The Nokia E5 prepaid smartphone is one of the top Straight Talk phones available right now.  You can get it online at with the Unlimited plan.  It’s an all-encompassing plan that gives the phone user all the talk time he or she needs, in addition to limitless text messaging and web browsing.

See all the brand spanking new phones available today at

samsung t528g straight talkThe gorgeous Samsung t528g touch screen phone available on Straight Talk Wireless.

Check out all the brand new deals from Straight Talk that are available at the official site — you don’t need a coupon or promo code to save with Straight Talk.  Get a new android or get the above phone, Samsung t528, at an incredible price.  Shop today at They even have a new smartphone android you might want to sink your data teeth into.  Get on over there and save on your bills.

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