Free Straight Talk Phone Deal: Motorola Flip Phone

by John on April 12, 2012

nokia e71Straight Talk has phone offers from time to time that you can take advantage of at the official website.  Right now you can get the LG 220c phone or the Motorla w418g phone for free from Straight Talk’s website.  You get the free phone when you purchase one month of talk time–either the unlimited talk and text plan or the 1,000 minutes/text plan.  It’s your choice.

(I’ve noticed that in some areas the free phone is an LG 620g–I guess it depends where you are in the country.)

Get your free phone at

See the new Android Straight Talk phone here.

More Straight Talk Deals You Might Want to Take Advantage Of:

Check out the deal on the E71 smart phone – $49 brand new – at the official ST site. (this phone is in the picture to the left)

Get free overnight shipping on order of SIM or SIM Bundles of $14.99 or greater (these are for using third party phones on the Straight Talk plan – Learn more

Samsung t404G with Unlimited plan on $45 – Get this deal

Straight Talk also has three Android phone you can purchase as well.  They all run with the Unlimited plan.  The Samsung Precedent is only $129 right now.  The LG Optimus Black is available as well from the official site (it’s the newest phone available).

The free phone deals are still running.  I just checked at the site. They should run through this month and maybe even beyond.  These deals change subtly sometimes or just get completely replaced by other deals.  There’s also a free shipping discount going on at Straight Talk right now when you buy a prepaid phone online at the official website.

Get the latest Android phone from Straight Talk, the LG Optimus Black.  It’s a very good phone and one of the top prepaid phones available now.  Get this phone online at Straight Talk’s website.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is out now and available with Straight Talk’s unlimited plan.  Great phone at a great price with a great plan.  It’s a phone that has consistently been a very good seller for this company.  You can see a lot of very interesting reviews of this phone — I usually check youtube to get my phone reviews.  I’ll put a video of this phone at the bottom of this post.  Take a look at it if you’re interested.

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