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by John on January 30, 2013

Get the Samsung Galaxy Precedent android phone for free from

straight talk new phonesRight now, you can get a free Straight Talk prepaid phone online at the official ST site,  You get the free phone when you pay for one month of service.  The free phones are the LG t401G and the LG 600G.  Straight Talk has some good deals right now.  Even if you aren’t digging the current crop of free phones, you might be into the Nokia 6790 smart phone, which only costs $49 (pictured at left).

If you’re up for spending a little bit more dough, you might want to consider one of the Android Straight Talk phones.  You might even be able to find a used phone on Amazon or ebay, but the prices are so low that it’s probably worth it to look at the phone deals on Straight Talk’s website.  Go there now.

There are two Straight Talk plans.  One is the unlimited plan for $45 and the other is the 1,000 minutes and text plan for $30 per month.  You can select either of these plans to work with your free phone, but you do have to choose one or you don’t get the free phone.  But there is no commitment since Straight Talk is a prepaid company.  You just need to pay for one month.

Get your free phone at

See some of the best prepaid phone deals (even from this brand) on

*And also be sure to check back frequently to see what we are writing here in terms of the latest deals, promos, and offers from companies like Tracfone, Virgin, Boost, Metro, and Net 10.  We keep you in the know on prepaid phones.

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