Boost Mobile Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

by John on October 25, 2014

boost-unlimited-prepaid-logoBoost Mobile jumped into the limelight earlier this year when it released its Unlimited Monthly Prepaid cell phone plan, which gives subscribers unlimited phone usage.

This looks like a good plan, even though there are some issues with what “unlimited” actually means. Boy Genius report wrote a post asking if Boost Mobile’s Unlimited plan is too good to be true? Apparently, there is some fine print that says Boost prohibits “unreasonable” phone usage. It is up to Boost to decide what is “unreasonable,” I guess.

I think the company will be very careful if they try to cut someone off of their prepaid service plan and that it is only including a clause like this in case of serious abuse of their unlimited service. Competition is high in the prepaid market and appearing to not offer what they claim could hurt Boost Mobile. I’m sure that subscribers who do not make insanely high numbers of calls or hundreds of text messages a day will be fine and will have no problems with Boost’s plan.

Here are the details of Boost’s Monthly Unlimited Plan

$50 per month

Unlimited Day, Nights, and Weekends

Mobile to Mobile For calls to & from Boost Mobile, Sprint, and Nextel subscribers nationwide

Unlimited Nationwide Walkie-Talkie

Unlimited Text Messaging (audio, video, pictures included)

Wireless Web

Voicemail, Long Distance & Nationwide Network

International Text Messaging – free to receive, 10 cents to send

Add International Walkie-Talkie and Text for $10/month

International Long Distance cost extra per minute fee depending on the country

Learn more about available prepaid cell phone plans.  Another interesting thing that happened recently in the prepaid world is the release of the new T-Mobile prepaid Blackberry plans.  This is pretty cool, have a look.  If you like your blackberry and dig T-Mobile have you’ll be interested in this.

Shop Boost Mobile phones on Amazon.  Get the Samsung Galaxy Prevail for only $99 Today.  Click here.  BlackBerry 8530 is another great option.  Buy this phone.

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Edison October 12, 2011 at 11:30 pm

I like the fact that with Boost Mobile’s unimited plan you start to pay the shrinkage rate which means your bill goes down over the months and the longer you’re with them. It’s very cool. I don’t get the best reception where I live and work, but I like the price and the phones. I have the samsung transform ultra and I really like it even though it was kind of pricey–but when there’s no contract that is what I really go for.

Garth October 18, 2011 at 1:31 am

Boost Mobile has as couple of great phone deals going on right now. They are on Amazon and there are a few at Best Buy that I’ve seen.

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